About Us






I-MARINE.COM PTE LTD was founded and commenced operations in Oct 2002, duly incorporated as a company under the provisions of the Singapore Companies Cap Act 50, in Singapore.

Today, i-Marine.com Pte Ltd is one of the fastest growing Marine Companies providing services globally to both the Marine and the Oil & Gas Industry.

i-Marine.com Pte Ltd has built itself a reputation of being a one-stop service and solution provider which meets the demands of all our clients and market requirements. The success and growth of i-Marine.com is the result of combined effort and skills of its staff who have been in the Marine and Oil & Gas Industry with more than thirty years of experience in all areas.


Our Business Philosophy

To our customers and business partners, we believe;
That excellent service, transparency, cost effectiveness and responsibility brings good business ethic without detriment to others. We dedicate ourselves to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers and business partners through our professionalism and commitment. With constant focus on ensuring excellent service and satisfaction matched with solutions that meet your business needs to foster a long term business relationship.

We focus to develop all the positive qualities in our staff and combine it with total commitment and dedication. Our staff are continuously keeping up with the latest technological advances via courses and seminars to meet the demand of the industry. By bringing these elements together, i-Marine.com Pte Ltd has built a strong, robust and cohesive team.


It is our earnest endeavour to be a leading One-Stop Service Provider for the Marine and Oil & Gas Industry. To provide each of our customers with a customized service that best relates to their individual needs and requirements. To always keep transparent transactions to ensure openness and clarity as to gain the trust of our customers and business partners. Our customer’s needs are seen to professionally, safely and on time. We strive to provide our customer's with the best cost conscious solutions possible and to maintain their profitability.